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Updates can be found at [community profile] masterball.
3DS FC: 2896-1018-0581 (☆a☆)
SW: 3799-3686-0675 (ARROW.ink)

You can email me at fallarbor[at]gmail.com to let me know you've added me so I can add you back. Or you can email me for something else.

Trainer Class: Ranger
Favorite Type: Steel
Favorite Game: Emerald

My overall playstyle when playing Pokémon is very much focused on the collecting aspect, as well as my enjoyment of the plots, characters, and general aesthetics. I have very, very rudimentary knowledge of competitive Pokémon, but I do enjoy watching Nuzlocke analyses such as the ones done by Pokémon Challenges, as well as chimpact's Pokémon Jeopardy series.

Other than that, I'm a very casual but also very enthusiastic player. I like to keep up with news, and have played nearly every mainline series game since Ruby/Sapphire, with the exception of Ultra Sun/Moon, and Scarlet/Violet, both of which I own but have not found the chance to play yet.

I also enjoy the anime quite a bit, having watched nearly every episode from Kanto to Hoenn, with plans to (eventually) catch up. I'm even more enthusiastic about the manga, which I haven't read since 2013 and also need to catch up on.

I own a lot of Pokémon plushies and miscellaneous merch. I own a few things from the (very expensive) Pokemon Original Stitch collection: a Sceptile button-up, a Jigglypuff bandana, a Seadra bandana, and a Luvdisc face mask. I also have a really big sleeping Jigglypuff and Pikachu plushie that live on my bed.

Site/Design Launch: February 2017
Last Updated: April 2023

I'd been meaning to make some sort of personal Pokémon-related site for a while, but I was never into making webshrines or fansites. But then I figured it'd be pretty neat to archive all my pokémon teams, since I love all of them and I play a lot of pokémon. So this ended up happening.

Icirrus is the URL of this website because Icirrus City (in Unova) is my favorite city in all of the Pokémon regions — primarily for its music.

I chose Masterball as the name of this collection as a sort of egotistic title of how long and beyond semi-decent I've been playing Pokémon. Also, masterballs are the most powerful item in the entire series (aside from maybe Max Revives, but that can't be made into one word) and I like to think I'm pretty powerful. Also, also, the few times I used Action Replays to hack the game, I got like three hundred masterballs.

Thanks for visiting this self-indulgent website!

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