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LEADER ALICE would like to battle! Here are the pokémon in this gym... click them to see what else is around.
FC: 2896-1018-0581 (☆a☆)

You can use the contact form below to let me know you've added me so I can add you back. Or you can contact me for something else.

amaura is my defender ♥
i'm an / type!

Site/Design Launch: February 2017
Last Updated: March 2018

I'd been meaning to make some sort of personal Pokémon-related site for a while, but I was never into making webshrines or fansites. But then I figured it'd be pretty neat to archive all my pokémon teams, since I love all of them and I play a lot of pokémon. So this ended up happening.

Anyway, this is my "gym" because I figure if I were a gym leader, I'd be an ice type leader. And, of course, the pokémon at the top are the ones I'd battle with.

Icirrus is the URL of this website because Icirrus City (in Unova) is my favorite city in all of the Pokémon regions—primarily for its music. Well, the fact that the gym leader (Brycen) there focuses on ice-types as well helps some too.

I chose Masterball as the name of this collection as a sort of egotistic title of how long and beyond semi-decent I've been playing Pokémon. Also, masterballs are the most powerful item in the entire series (aside from maybe Max Revives, but that can't be made into one word) and I like to think I'm pretty powerful. Also, also, the few times I used Action Replays to hack the game, I got like three hundred masterballs.

Each section of this hub is designed to fit the content it displays (e.g. Trainer, this half-assed gym, the nonexistent shrines...) All customized graphics (ball-themed backgrounds, linkback buttons) were made/drawn by me. Everything else is also coded by me, with the help of Dynamic Drive and also a lightbox somewhere around here.

I procured most, if not all of the Pokémon and trainer sprites from Bulbapedia, Pokéstadium, and PokéAPI on GitHub. The Yellow sprite is by liliebiehlina3siste on deviantART.

Thanks for visiting this self-indulgent website!

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