Black Gen V

2011 Unova Region

Pokémon Black, as of my writing this, is the game I have the most logged hours in. Though it's been a while, I have about 390 hours of saved gameplay. This was also the first game I ever EV bred/trained for—my ♥, Bisharp—and filled up my entire Pokédex for. So it's a lot, also one of my favorite games story-wise.

Bisharp♂ Pointy
Lvl 100
Type Dark/Steel
Ability Defiant
Nature Jolly, sturdy body
Brick Break Iron Head
Night Slash Aerial Ace
Serperior♂ Kyuhyun
Lvl 100
Type Grass
Ability Overgrow
Nature Mild, likes to thrash about
Leaf Blade Aerial Ace
Slam Dragon Tail
Simipour♂ Hyukjae
Lvl 100
Type Water
Ability Gluttony
Nature Rash, good endurance
Dig Ice Beam
Scald Acrobatics
Darmanitan♀ Jongwoon
Lvl 100
Type Fire
Ability Sheer Force
Nature Lonely, highly curious
Rock Slide Fire Punch
Grass Knot Hammer Arm
Mienshao♀ Jia
Lvl 100
Type Fighting
Ability Regenerator
Nature Adamant, thoroughly cunning
U-Turn Aura Sphere
Rock Slide Drain Punch
Zoroark♂ Jaehyo
Lvl 100
Type Dark
Ability Illusion
Nature Lonely, mischievous
Night Daze Nasty Plot
Extrasensory Focus Blast