Black 2 Gen V

2012 Unova Region

The most important thing about my playing Pokémon Black 2 is that I spent 12 hours looking for and catching a female eevee.

Flareon♀ Kimiko
Lvl 100
Type Fire
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Bold, takes plenty of siestas
Lava Plume Fire Fang
Quick Attack Bite
Excadrill♂ Clay
Lvl 100
Type Ground/Steel
Ability Sand Rush
Nature Mild, strong-willed
Earthquake Rock Slide
Metal Claw Sandstorm
Samurott♂ Omi
Lvl 100
Type Water
Ability Torrent
Nature Careful, quick-tempered
Ice Beam Surf
Scald Hidden Power
Lucario♂ Chase
Lvl 95
Type Fighting/Steel
Ability Steadfast
Nature Naive, strong willed
Force Palm Rock Smash
Aura Sphere Bone Rush
Braviary♂ Raimundo
Lvl 75
Type Normal/Flying
Ability Keen Eye
Nature Jolly, loves to eat
Slash Fly
Tailwind Air Slash