Diamond Gen IV

2007 Sinnoh Region

The first game that I finished in roughly 24 hours! I played most of it at a sleepover birthday party—during the time that we were supposed to be sleeping. That was probably my first all-nighter too. I'm not super attached to this game, but I still love my team anyway.

Rapidash♂ Flametail
Lvl 100
Type Fire
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Calm, proud of its power
Ribbons Sinnoh Champion Relax
Solar Beam Megahorn
Flamethrower Sunny Day
Torterra♂ Leafstar
Lvl 100
Type Grass/Ground
Ability Overgrow
Nature Lonely, strong willed
Ribbons Sinnoh Champion Smile
Crunch Wood Hammer
Rock Slide Earthquake
Staraptor♀ Starangel
Lvl 100
Type Flying
Ability Intimidate
Nature Lonely, hates to lose
Ribbons Sinnoh Champion
Close Combat Aerial Ace
Steel Wing Fly
Luxray♂ Lightning
Lvl 100
Type Electric
Ability Intimidate
Nature Bold, very finicky
Ribbons Sinnoh Champion Careless
Iron Tail Thunder
Thunderbolt Crunch
Gastrodon♀ Seashell
Lvl 100
Type Water/Ground
Ability Sticky Hold
Nature Serious, somewhat vain
Ribbons Sinnoh Champion Downcast Beauty
Surf Ice Beam
Slude Bomb Mud Bomb