2016 Alola Region

Such an anticipated game that was wholly worth it. I went to a Pokémon Center in Japan before it came out and bought a few plushies because I was so excited! My nicknames this round actually had a theme—dorky petnames because I love pokémon so much

Decidueye♂ Honey
Lvl 74
Type Grass/Ghost
Ability Overgrow
Nature Modest, somewhat stubborn
Ribbons Alolan Champion
False Swipe Spirit Shackle
Leaf Blade Sucker Punch
Toucannon♀ Sweetie
Lvl 75
Type Normal/Flying
Ability Keen Eye
Nature Quirky, likes to thrash about
Ribbons Alolan Champion
Beak Blast Brick Break
Hyper Voice Drill Peck
Lycanroc♀ Darling
Lvl 74
Type Rock
Ability Vital Spirit
Nature Modest, proud of its power
Ribbons Alolan Champion Footprint Best Friends Forever
Brick Break Rock Slide
Crunch Howl
Bewear♀ Sugar
Lvl 74
Type Normal/Fighting
Ability Klutz
Nature Lonely, alert to sounds
Ribbons Alolan Champion
Brick Break Superpower
Brutal Swing Double-Edge
Kommo-o♂ Baby
Lvl 68
Type Dragon/Fighting
Ability Soundproof
Nature Bold, sturdy body
Ribbons Alolan Champion
Outrage Sky Uppercut
Iron Defense Dragon Claw
Sandslash♀ Pumpkin
Lvl 74
Type Ice/Steel
Ability Snow Cloak
Nature Brave, highly persistent
Ribbons Alolan Champion
Icicle Spear Iron Head
Iron Defense Hail