Y Generation VI

2016 Kalos Region

Originally I bought this in case my brother was interested in playing it, but since he wasn't, I played through instead. I actually got it a week after I got X, but didn't actively work on it until a few years later. This is lumped with X in terms of generations/games here since I played it for the sake of it more than anything.

Delphox♂ Lace
Lvl 92
Type Fire/Psychic
Ability Blaze
Nature Serious, strong willed
Ribbons Kalos
Psyshock Flamethrower
Psychic Mystical Fire
Drifblim♂ Moop
Lvl 88
Type Flying/Ghost
Ability Unburden
Nature Sassy, takes plenty of siestas
Ribbons Kalos
Amnesia Phantom Force
Fly Shadow Ball
Aegislash♂ Lock
Lvl 93
Type Ghost/Steel
Ability Stance Change
Nature Impish, likes to fight
Ribbons Kalos Alert
Iron Head Swords Dance
Sacred Sword Shadow Sneak
Gogoat♀ Skippy
Lvl 92
Type Grass
Ability Sap Sipper
Nature Timid, takes plenty of siestas
Ribbons Kalos
Earthquake Horn Leech
Leaf Blade Milk Drink
Aromatisse♂ Esta
Lvl 92
Type Fairy
Ability Healer
Nature Modest, capable of taking hits
Ribbons Kalos
Draining Kiss Moonblast
Psychic Aromatherapy