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LEADER ALICE would like to battle! Here are the pokémon in this gym... click them to see what else is around.
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Site/Design Launch: February 2017
Last Updated: July 2020

I'd been meaning to make some sort of personal Pokémon-related site for a while, but I was never into making webshrines or fansites. But then I figured it'd be pretty neat to archive all my pokémon teams, since I love all of them and I play a lot of pokémon. So this ended up happening.

Icirrus is the URL of this website because Icirrus City (in Unova) is my favorite city in all of the Pokémon regions — primarily for its music. Well, the fact that the gym leader (Brycen) there focuses on ice-types as well helps some too.

I chose Masterball as the name of this collection as a sort of egotistic title of how long and beyond semi-decent I've been playing Pokémon. Also, masterballs are the most powerful item in the entire series (aside from maybe Max Revives, but that can't be made into one word) and I like to think I'm pretty powerful. Also, also, the few times I used Action Replays to hack the game, I got like three hundred masterballs.

Thanks for visiting this self-indulgent website!

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